Aurora – El Gouna

For our foreign readers or Egyptian readers who are not so familiar with El Gouna, El Gouna is a little piece of heaven located 20KM from Hurghada, on the Red Sea.

This place is blessed with beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels and spas, delicious food and  a beautiful energy, we like to call it our little Saint-Tropez.

Photo Credits: El Gouna, Red sea

Since we are food bloggers, we will focus on giving you an honest review about the food, but not just any food –  the food we had at Aurora !

We’ve been going to this place since forever but we ever ate there, we know it’s such a shame, but we made up for all the lost time by literary ordering the entire menu last weekend !

The biggest plus at place is the freshness of their fish !

Hands-down best sea food we had in Gouna, or even Egypt if you want the truth !

tuna aurora
Photo Credits: Aurora El Gouna

They have a special menu for their catch of the day, don’t hesitate to ask about it next time you’re there !

We had the steak on a bed of grilled zucchini – cooked to perfection with a side of super cripsy fries – seriously who doesn’t love some cripsy fries? The beef carpaccio is also delicious because of how well seasoned and cut it is.

Mini Burgers

Our favorite meat dish was with no doubt – the mini burgers, out of this world. That’s it for our carnivorious friends !

Grilled Steak and Fries

Let’s come back to the fish !

The seafood risotto, OH MY THE SEAFOOD RISOTTO ! Can you see how beautiful it is? We promise it tastes even better than it looks, the rice just melts in your mouth and the freshness of the fish is unbelievable – literally from the sea to your plate ! 

Seafood Risotto

*We’re drooling while writing this post*

Yes the Seafood Risotto was unbelievable, but the Tuna Steak  was a surprise. Let’s be honest, we are not big fans of tuna steaks at all, we usually find it very tasteless and boring. But as we had our first bite, we couldn’t help but fall in love with this dish ! And trust us, we are not the type of people who like to give out compliments to make people happy, but this Tuna Steak really deserves a round of applause !

Tuna Steak

Overall comment: We loved the simplicity of the dishes, because the products are super fresh so no need for tons of condiments or sauces to hide anything. We didn’t have to add a tinny bit of salt or pepper to add any flavours. In that case, less is more is the perfect wording. 

Location: El Gouna – Abu Tig Marina

Opening Hours: 6:00PM – 2:00AM

For Bookings: 0115 221 1801






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