Two days in Paris with Hungry Egyptian

Most of you know, that we havehave french genes thanks to our Mama & that Paris has a very special place in our hearts! We got the chance to spend two lovely days in Paris for some work, here are some of our favourite spots & dishes !

We spent our first night at the Prince De Galles that was recently renovated – we must say it was brilliantly redone, very much Art Deco so it’s either you love it or hate it ! The service is great of course & the food impeccable. We had a normal room with a street view, which wasn’t too impressive size wise They have a lovely outdoors terrace, perfect for those lovely summer afternoons. Here are some pictures of the Room Service breakfast we ordered – sunny side up eggs, orange juice, some freshly baked mini baguette, croissant, pain au chocolat and danish.

Bread Basket at Le Prince de Galles
Sunny side-up eggs, orange juice & bread basket at Le Prince de Galles
Bread Basket at Le Prince de Galles
Capuccino & Grapefruit juice at Le Prince De Galles
For dinner we went to Diep which by far one of all our time favourite restaurants in Paris. We love to have there the steamed shrimp dumplings, the pepper beef, vegetable noddles and if you’re into frog legs you should REALLY try out their garlic frog legs – INSANE, but unfortunately it was not available last night. (PS: sorry for the pics – we only had our cellphone with us, and we were too hungry to take decent pictures)


Day two, we checked-out from Prince De Galles and check-in at the Hotel Plaza Athenee which is hands down OUR ALL TIME FAVOURITE HOTEL ALL OVER THE WORLD !! yup, all in caps ! Seriously, this hotel redefines luxury, pampering and what service in a hotel should be like. You know it’s one of the those places where you don’t have to ask for something in order to get it – you just get things the second they cross your mind, you probably won’t even have time to ask that it’s going to be here ! Also, this is one of the hotels where is always always manage to put the bar higher, every time they pamper us a little more. For this short stay, we stayed at one of their suites which is pure beauty, not one think is left to luck – from the flower arrangement in the room to the champagne bottle to the capsules of essential oils in the shower, everything was just ON POINT !

Champagne Brut Selection Alain Ducasse
Did someone tell them that roses and peonies are our favourites?
Champagne, Flowers & Fruits – thank you Plaza Athenee for the beautiful welcome
For breakfast, we had to stop by Carette, not only do they serve amazing food but they also serve breakfast ALL day ! Did you know that Carette first opened in 1921. Our go to dish there must be the Smoked Salmon Scrambeled Eggs with extra fine herbes, and their cappuccino that comes with a little cloud of goodness ! It’s the perfect stop – to have some quality time with the real Paris.

DSC00478 (2)
Cappuccino with an extra cloud of fluffiness at Carette
DSC00481 (2)
Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs, Orange Juice & Cappuccino at Carette
DSC00485 (2)
Smoked Salmon & Fines Herbes Scrambled Eggs at Carette
For the last supper in Paris we saved the best for the last, a classic Le Relais Plaza – we’ve been going to this restaurant since we were 7 years, which makes the kitchen like home! This place is a mix between a restaurant and a bar super art deco. They recently changed their menu,  but of course kept some of their classic on the new carte. For starters, we’d recommend Cœur de saumon fumé d’Ecosse label rouge gaufre tiède aux olives taggiasche, tzatziki or tomates anciennes burrata et pistou. For your main dish, if you’re in the mood for fish the Sole meunière, pommes mousseline, épinards sautés minute or Escalope de veau viennoise, gratin bayaldi. For dessert, we’d suggest you’d go for something lighter like a sorbet of fruits rouges or a sorbet of citron vert-menthe.

Every great meal starts with a glass of Champagne Rose
A little something to eat while enjoying the champagne
The kind of attention to details that makes my heart happy
Amuse Bouche – Emulsion d’Asperge avec Truffe Noir
Corbeille de pain – ALWAYS pick the pain aux olives, the best
Cœur de saumon fumé d’Ecosse
Tomates anciennes burrata et pistou
Sole meunière
Saltimbocca version Relais
Risotto à la truffe noire
Sorbet de fruits rouges
Last breakfast before our flight was in room at the Plaza Athenee, and of course it was all about the service and delicious food. Seriously, we could write pages about this hotels and it wouldn’t be enough. For breakfast we had some croissant and french pastries, a ham and mushroom french omelette and salmon eggs Benedict topped with fresh black truffles. Delightful would probably be an understatement !

Royal breakfast on the room
Brioche version Alain Ducasse
French omelette
Assortiment de fromages
Delicious croissants
Salmon eggs Benedict and black truffles
Salmon eggs Benedict and black truffles with its hollandaise sauce
Hope you guys enjoyed sharing those two days with us !

See you soon for more travel and food series!


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